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If you are planning to visit Delhi, a trip to Gauri Shankar Mandir in Chandni Chowk should definitely be on your itinerary. This magnificent temple is one of the oldest and most revered temples in Delhi, and a must-visit for those seeking spiritual solace and divine blessings.

Gauri Shankar Mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an architectural marvel that blends North Indian and Nepalese styles. The temple’s facade is adorned with intricate carvings of deities and mythological figures, and the high domes add to the temple’s grandeur.

One of the unique features of Gauri Shankar Mandir is the double-headed Shivlinga, which symbolises Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati merged into one. This is the only temple in Delhi that houses this rare and significant symbol.

As you enter the temple complex, the first thing that you will see is an 800-year-old lingam of Lord Shiva. The lingam is exquisitely set in a silver-plated base and surrounded by intricate carvings. The atmosphere inside the temple is serene, with the sound of bells and the chanting of mantras creating a sense of peace and calm.

If you are visiting during the auspicious month of Shravan, you will witness the temple in its full glory as devotees flock here to offer their prayers and seek blessings from Lord Shiva. The temple is adorned with flowers and lights during this time, and the entire area is teeming with devotees.

Apart from its religious significance, Gauri Shankar Mandir is also an important historical landmark. It is believed that the temple was constructed during the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and has been witness to the changing fortunes of Delhi over the centuries.

As you step out of the temple, you will find yourself in the heart of Chandni Chowk, a bustling and vibrant marketplace that has been around for centuries. Here, you can indulge in some of Delhi’s famous street food, shop for traditional clothing and accessories, and soak in the sights and sounds of this historic neighborhood.

In conclusion, a visit to Gauri Shankar Mandir in Chandni Chowk is an enriching experience that will leave you feeling spiritually rejuvenated. It is a testament to Delhi’s rich cultural heritage and deep-seated faith that has sustained this city for centuries. So, if you are planning to visit Delhi, make sure to add Gauri Shankar Mandir to your list of must-visit places. You won’t be disappointed!

How to reach Gauri Shankar Mandir