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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Krishna temples in Delhi!

Whether you’re a devout Krishna bhakt or simply seeking spiritual solace, Delhi offers a plethora of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.

In this interactive guide, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of some of the most revered Krishna temples in the capital city.

Famous Krishna temples in Delhi

  1. ISKCON Temple
  2. Birla Mandir
  3. Shri Krishna Mandir
  4. Shri Radha Krishna Mandir
  5. Geet Gayatri Dham

1. ISKCON Temple, East of Kailash

Iskcon Temple

Iskcon Temple

ISKCON Temple in Delhi is a renowned spiritual landmark among Krishna Temples in Delhi. Here, you can experience the divine presence of Lord Krishna through enchanting bhajans (devotional songs), Aarti (ritual offering of light), and soul-stirring lectures. The temple complex also houses a vegetarian restaurant where you can relish delicious prasadam (sanctified food).

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Location: East of Kailash, South Delhi

2. Birla Mandir, East of Kailash

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir

The Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple, also known as the Birla Mandir among Krishna Temples in Delhi, is a renowned destination for its grandeur and breathtaking decor during Janmashtami. The entire temple comes alive with twinkling lights, stunning flowers, and more to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth.

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Location: Mandir Marg, Near Gole Market

3. Shri Krishna Mandir in Malviya Nagar

Krishna Mandir

Shri Krishna Mandir in Malviya Nagar, among the prominent Krishna temples in Delhi, becomes a beacon of devotion during Janmashtami. The temple comes alive with vibrant celebrations, drawing devotees from far and wide to commemorate Lord Krishna’s birth. Its serene atmosphere and Janmashtami festivities make it a must-visit spiritual destination in the capital.

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Location: Malviya Nagar, South Delhi

4. Shri Radha Krishna Mandir, Krishna Nagar

Radha Krishna Mandir

Radha Krishna Mandir

In the heart of Krishna Nagar, the Shri Radha Krishna Mandir shines as a luminous gem among Krishna temples in Delhi. Guys, this beautiful temple gets even more stunning on Janmashtami because of the eye-popping decor and you should totally head over here with your fam for a wholesome experience.

Location: Krishna Nagar, East Delhi

5. Geeta Gayatri Dham, Gurugram

Geeta Gayatri Dham

Geeta Gayatri Dham

Geeta Gayatri Dham is a captivating addition to the Krishna Temples in Delhi. Built by the Satyam Shivam Sundaram Society, this temple pays homage to Vedmata Gayatri and Lord Krishna. Its expansive prayer hall boasts mesmerizing idols of various deities, making it a must-visit destination for those in Gurgaon and devotees seeking spiritual serenity.

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Location: Gurgaon, Delhi NCR


We hope this guide enriches your spiritual journey in Delhi. Whether you’re seeking devotion, peace, or architectural beauty, these Krishna temples in Delhi have something to offer everyone. May your visit be filled with divine blessings and a sense of serenity!