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Welcome to the vibrant world of streetwear in India, where the hustle of the city meets the swag of the streets.

In the heart of Delhi, VegNonVeg, or VNV, stands tall as India’s pioneering multi-brand sneaker store, leading the charge in cultivating the streetwear culture.

Join us on a journey as we unravel the secrets behind VNV and its sibling brand, Bhaane, bringing you the epitome of style, comfort, and a cultural revolution.

Exploring the Roots:

Nestled in the bustling streets of Delhi, VegNonVeg emerged as a beacon for sneaker enthusiasts. Founded as India’s first multi-brand sneaker store, VNV quickly became the go-to destination for those seeking exclusive kicks and a taste of global streetwear trends.

Pioneering Streetwear Culture:

In a country rich with diverse traditions, VNV embarked on a mission to introduce and cultivate streetwear culture. From curated sneaker collections to collaborations with local and international streetwear brands, VNV has been a trendsetter, transforming the Indian fashion landscape.

Curating Sneaker Collections:

VegNonVeg boasts an extensive collection of sneakers, carefully curated to cater to the diverse tastes of the Indian market. From iconic classics to the latest releases, VNV ensures that sneaker enthusiasts find their perfect fit, making a bold statement with every step.

Collaborations that Resonate:

One of VNV’s key strengths lies in its strategic collaborations. By partnering with both local and global streetwear giants, VNV creates exclusive, limited-edition pieces that resonate with the ever-evolving tastes of the Indian youth.

Beyond Sneakers: Bhaane’s Fashion Journey:

VegNonVeg isn’t just about sneakers; it’s a lifestyle. Enter Bhaane, the sibling clothing brand that complements VNV’s ethos. Bhaane stands as a testament to homegrown fashion, offering contemporary, versatile clothing that complements the streetwear culture promoted by VNV.

Collaborative Synergy:

VNV and Bhaane operate in harmony, creating a seamless synergy between footwear and apparel. The result is a holistic fashion experience that caters to the eclectic tastes of a diverse audience.


VegNonVeg and Bhaane aren’t just brands; they’re a movement, a cultural revolution that has redefined fashion in India. From the streets of Delhi to the digital realm, VNV continues to inspire and lead the way for streetwear enthusiasts. So, lace up those kicks, embrace the swag, and join the VegNonVeg revolution – where style meets the streets!

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