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Signature Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located in Shahdara, India. It is considered to be one of the newest and most iconic landmarks in the city, and is known for its unique architectural design and engineering.

The bridge is located on the northeastern side of the city, and connects Wazirabad to the East Delhi. It was opened to the public in 2018, after several years of construction.

The Signature Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that is 154 meters (505 feet) high, making it the highest bridge in Delhi, and the second highest in India. It has a main span of 675 meters (2,214 feet) and is supported by two pylons, which are shaped like a bow and arrow. 

One of the most interesting features of the Signature Bridge is the observation deck located at the top of the pylon. The deck offers a panoramic view of the city and is a popular spot for visitors to take in the sights and sounds of New Delhi. The view is especially beautiful at night, when the bridge is illuminated with colorful lights.

The bridge also features a glass-enclosed elevator that takes visitors from the ground level to the observation deck. The elevator offers a unique experience as it moves diagonally, allowing visitors to have a view of the bridge and the city while they ascend.

In addition to its functional role, the Signature Bridge also serves as a new landmark for New Delhi. Its unique design and engineering make it a popular spot for photography and tourism, and it’s also a popular spot for locals to gather and enjoy the view. The bridge has also become an important spot for locals, it was a long-awaited and much-needed addition to the city’s infrastructure.

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