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Welcome, food enthusiasts, to a delightful expedition through the culinary wonders of South India! In this blog, we unravel the essence of Saravana Bhavan, the largest South Indian vegetarian chain in the world. Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as we delve into their scrumptious offerings, their commitment to quality, and the distinctive ambience that sets them apart.

A World of Breakfast Delights:

Saravana Bhavan, Janpath is not just a place for lunch or dinner; it’s a haven for breakfast enthusiasts too! Picture this: the aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee mingling with the tantalizing fragrance of crispy dosas and fluffy idlis.

Indulge in a variety of dosas, such as the classic Masala Dosa or the delectable Onion Rava Dosa. Sink your teeth into fluffy idlis, paired with an array of chutneys and piping-hot sambar. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss the unique Pesarattu, a savory pancake made from green gram and rice batter. Breakfast at Saravana Bhavan is an experience that will leave you craving for more!

Jain Delicacies: A Culinary Haven for the Discerning

Saravana Bhavan understands the importance of catering to different dietary requirements. For those following a Jain lifestyle, this vegetarian haven provides an extensive range of Jain-friendly dishes. Prepared without onions, garlic, or root vegetables, these delicacies maintain their authentic taste while adhering to Jain principles.

Indulge in Jain variations of popular South Indian dishes, such as Jain Paneer Dosa, Jain Vegetable Biryani, or the sumptuous Jain Thali. Saravana Bhavan takes great pride in ensuring that every guest is treated to a delightful Jain dining experience.

Home Delivery: A Taste of South India at Your Doorstep

Craving a flavorsome South Indian meal but prefer to dine in the comfort of your own home? Fret not! Saravana Bhavan offers a convenient home delivery service, bringing their culinary masterpieces right to your doorstep.

Whether you’re organizing a family gathering or simply indulging in a cozy night in, their prompt and efficient delivery service ensures that you savor every bite without any hassle. Experience the authentic flavors of South India within the familiar confines of your own dining room, thanks to Saravana Bhavan’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Fuss-Free Ambience, Maximum Flavor: 

At Saravana Bhavan, the focus is not just on the food but also on creating a memorable dining experience. The outlet at CP boasts a fuss-free ambience, featuring basic brown sofas and chairs. This minimalistic setting ensures that the true star of the show is the food itself.

The absence of unnecessary distractions allows diners to immerse themselves in the delightful flavors and aromas that fill the air. Saravana Bhavan’s commitment to simplicity ensures that your focus remains solely on the delicious fare in front of you.


Saravana Bhavan, the largest South Indian vegetarian chain in the world, stands as a testament to the rich culinary heritage of South India. From their tantalizing breakfast delights to their Jain-friendly menu options, Saravana Bhavan offers a gastronomic journey that caters to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Whether you choose to dine

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