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Hey Delhi pet lovers! The wait is finally over as India’s grandest celebration of furry friends, Pet Fed Delhi 2023, is making its glorious return to the NSIC Grounds, Okhla on the 16th and 17th of December.

Get ready to pamper your pets with an overdose of love and excitement!

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the must-know details of the event, why you can’t afford to miss it, and how to make the most out of your two days in pet paradise.

About the Event

Date – 16th December – 17th December 2023
Venue – Okhla NSIC
Tickets – Rs. 699

What’s Pet Fed All About?

Pet Fed is not just a festival; it’s an experience that transcends the boundaries of human and animal connections. Imagine a space where pets of all shapes and sizes come together to revel in joy, with dedicated zones for dogs, cats, birds, and even more exotic companions.

From engaging activities to delicious treats, Pet Fed is a haven for pet enthusiasts and their beloved four-legged friends.

Highlights of Pet Fed Delhi 2023

a. Interactive Zones:

Dive into a world of fun with interactive zones designed for pets and their owners. Whether it’s agility courses, splash pools, or treat corners, every inch of NSIC Grounds will be buzzing with excitement.

b. Celebrity Guests:

Guess what? Pet Fed always attracts the who’s who of the pet world. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity pets, influencers, and experts who might make a surprise appearance. It’s your chance to meet the stars of the pet kingdom!

c. Pet Fashion Show:

Is your pet a trendsetter? Don’t miss the Pet Fashion Show, where your furry companions can strut their stuff on the runway. Who knows, they might just steal the spotlight!

View more Pet Fed Delhi 2023 activities here

Why Attend Pet Fed Delhi 2023?

Here are some compelling reasons why you shouldn’t miss Pet Fed Delhi 2023 for the world:

a. Bond with Your Pet: Pet Fed is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your bond with your furry friend. Engage in activities together, explore new toys, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

b. Expert Insights: Learn from the best in the pet industry. Experts will be on hand to provide valuable insights into pet care, training tips, and the latest trends in the world of pets.

c. Shop Till You Drop: Treat your pet to the finest accessories, toys, and gourmet delights available at the Pet Fed bazaar. Spoil them with the best, they deserve it!


Delhi, mark your calendars for December 16th and 17th – Pet Fed Delhi 2023 is set to be the ultimate pet extravaganza! Book your tickets now and join us for two days of unbridled joy, laughter, and the purest form of love you can share with your pets.

Don’t miss out on this pawsitively amazing experience! See you there!