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Welcome to Milkind, where every sip and bite contribute to a better world. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cozy haven that is Milkind – a coffee shop and gallery with a purpose.

At Milkind, your daily coffee ritual goes beyond the aromatic brew; it’s a journey of empowerment, equality, and community support. Join us as we take a closer look at what makes Milkind in Greater Kailash 2 stand out, and why DelhiSnap’s top picks are more than just delicious treats.

The Milkind Experience

Picture this: a quaint coffee shop adorned with local artwork, inviting aromas of freshly brewed coffee, and the hum of chatter as patrons engage in meaningful conversations. This is the Milkind experience – a blend of warmth, creativity, and purpose. As you step into Milkind, you’re not just entering a coffee shop; you’re entering a space where every purchase becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Milkind’s Mission

Milkind is not your average coffee shop; it’s a social enterprise committed to making a difference. With every cup of Java Chip Frappe or Irish Hot Chocolate, Milkind aims to address critical issues like Women Empowerment, Equal Pay, and Opportunities. The founders believe that businesses can be a force for good, and Milkind exemplifies this philosophy.

Supporting Women Empowerment

Milkind takes a bold stance on empowering women. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, the coffee shop actively supports and promotes women entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals. By choosing Milkind, you’re not just supporting a local business; you’re contributing to a movement that empowers women to thrive in various fields.

DelhiSnap’s Picks – Beyond the Flavor

Now, let’s talk about the delights that await you at Milkind. DelhiSnap has handpicked the Java Chip Frappe, Irish Hot Chocolate, Butter Croissant, and Avocado Toast – not just for their exquisite taste but also for the impact they create. Each of these favorites represents a commitment to quality, creativity, and a better world.

  • Java Chip Frappe: Indulge in the rich blend of coffee and chocolate while supporting women entrepreneurs who supply the finest cocoa.
  • Irish Hot Chocolate: Sip on a velvety cup of goodness knowing that your choice contributes to equal pay and opportunities for all employees.
  • Butter Croissant: Bite into layers of flaky goodness sourced from local bakeries that champion fair pay and ethical practices.
  • Avocado Toast: Delight in a healthy treat made from locally sourced avocados, promoting sustainability and community support.


Milkind isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s a movement towards a better, more equitable world. With every visit, you become a part of something bigger – a community that values empowerment, equality, and positive change.

So, the next time you crave the perfect cup of coffee or a delightful snack, make it a Milkind moment. Your choice matters, and at Milkind, it truly makes a difference. Join us in sipping for change – one cup at a time.