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Step into Love Over Coffee, a captivating café chain that has captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts across India. Nestled in Gurgaon, the branch exudes an irresistible charm with its cozy ambiance and mouthwatering delights. Prepare to embark on a delightful journey filled with delectable cuisine, exceptional coffee, and an unforgettable experience.

  1. An Epicurean Adventure Awaits: Indulge in culinary perfection as Love Over Coffee serves up a tantalizing array of dishes. From flavorsome Indian delicacies to scrumptious Western delights, every bite is crafted with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Prepare to have your taste buds dance with joy.
  2. Sip Your Way to Bliss: Love Over Coffee takes the art of brewing to new heights. Delight in the rich aroma and flavors of their meticulously roasted coffee beans, expertly prepared by their skilled baristas. Each cup holds the promise of a magical experience that will leave you craving for more.
  3. A Haven of Coziness: Enter a world of warmth and comfort as Love Over Coffee envelops you in its cozy embrace. The café’s enchanting décor, adorned with soft lighting and inviting colors, sets the stage for moments of tranquility. With an abundance of plush seating options, you’ll find the perfect spot to unwind and lose yourself in the ambiance.
  4. Hospitality with a Smile: At Love Over Coffee, the staff members are not just servers; they are companions on your journey. With their friendly demeanor and attentive service, they ensure that every visit is a delightful experience. Let their expertise guide you to the perfect culinary creation or coffee blend that suits your taste.
  5. A Strategic Oasis: Nestled in a prime location, Love Over Coffee is a rendezvous point for friends, colleagues, and explorers alike. Situated near bustling malls and thriving businesses, it offers the perfect haven to take a break, engage in lively conversations, or recharge amidst the city’s vibrant energy.

Things to Do at Love Over Coffee, Gurgaon:

a) Relish Every Sip: Allow the rich aroma and silky smooth taste of Love Over Coffee’s brew to transport you to a world of pure bliss. Revel in the intricate flavors as you take in the surroundings and indulge in some people-watching.

b) Savor Gastronomic Delights: Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure that tantalizes the senses. From delectable dishes that celebrate Indian flavors to delectable Western fare, Love Over Coffee’s menu promises a gastronomic journey that will leave you craving for more.

c) Unleash Your Creativity: Escape the mundane and find inspiration amidst the tranquility of Love Over Coffee. With its peaceful ambiance and attentive staff, it’s an ideal spot for productive work or focused study. Let your creativity flow in this serene oasis.

d) Bond with Loved Ones: Cherish the company of friends and loved ones in the inviting embrace of Love Over Coffee. With its spacious seating and welcoming atmosphere, it provides the perfect backdrop for memorable conversations and shared moments.

e) Create Lasting Memories: Elevate your special occasions to new heights by hosting them at Love Over Coffee. With a capacity of up to 50 people, the café provides an enchanting setting for birthday parties, corporate events, and other celebrations that will be etched in your memories forever.


Love Over Coffee, Gurgaon, is not just a café; it’s an experience that ignites the senses and warms the heart. From the enchanting ambiance to the delectable food and exceptional coffee, every aspect has been carefully curated to create moments of pure joy.


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