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Vincent van Gogh is a name that needs no introduction in the world of art. His unique style and expressive brushwork continue to inspire and influence artists and art lovers worldwide. The Van Gogh 360° Experience in Delhi provides visitors with an opportunity to experience his work like never before. Let’s dive into the immersive journey through the master’s mind.

The Immersive Environment of the Dome

As visitors enter the Van Gogh 360° Experience in delhi , they are instantly transported into the world of Vincent van Gogh. The immersive environment created by the dome’s walls covered with images of Van Gogh’s paintings, and the music and sounds create an atmosphere that evokes the time and place in which he lived. The dome provides visitors with an intimate setting that enables them to connect with the artwork on a more profound level.

The 360° Projections

The main attraction of the Van Gogh 360° Experience in Delhi is the 360° projections of Van Gogh’s paintings. Cutting-edge projection technology brings the paintings to life, appearing to move and shift before visitors’ eyes. Accompanied by narration that tells the story behind each painting, visitors gain a deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s creative process and the emotions that inspired his work. The projections are awe-inspiring and provide visitors with an immersive experience that takes them into the mind of the master.

Interactive Elements

The exhibition also features interactive elements that allow visitors to engage with the art in new ways. A room is dedicated to digital versions of Van Gogh’s paintings, where visitors can create their own using touch screens and digital brushes.

The digital experience enables visitors to experiment with color and brushwork and gain a deeper appreciation of Van Gogh’s techniques. There is also a virtual reality experience that takes visitors on a journey through Van Gogh’s world, immersing them in the landscapes that inspired his art.

The Sunflower Room

One of the exhibition’s highlights is the Sunflower Room. The room features projections of Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings, creating a stunning and immersive environment that evokes the intense color and texture of Van Gogh’s work. Visitors gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty and meaning behind these paintings and are left in awe of the master’s technique.

The Exhibition for All Ages

The Van Gogh 360° Experience is delhi not only for art lovers. It is also an excellent way to introduce children to the world of art. The exhibition is interactive and engaging, making it a fun and educational experience for young visitors. The touch screens and digital brushes enable children to create their own art, while the virtual reality experience takes them on an adventure through Van Gogh’s world.

In Conclusion

The Van Gogh 360° Experience in Delhi is an extraordinary exhibition that offers visitors an immersive journey through the master’s mind. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to experience Van Gogh’s work in a way that has never been done before. Whether you are an art lover or looking for a fun and educational experience, the Van Gogh 360° Experience is not to be missed. It is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of art.

When: April 10 to April 30

Where: DLF Cybercity, Gurugram

Price: INR 699 onwards

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