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Welcome to the ultimate guide to Outrage Festival 2023, India’s premier music festival dedicated to showcasing the raw energy and talent of the metal music scene. If you are a fan of headbanging riffs, thunderous drums, and adrenaline-pumping performances, this festival is a must-attend event for you! Outrage Festival 2023 promises an unforgettable experience with an impressive lineup of top-notch metal acts from all corners of the country.

The Celebration of Metal Music

Outrage Festival is a celebration of the metal music genre, which has a loyal and passionate fan base in India. Metal music, characterized by its aggressive sound and powerful lyrics, has been gaining popularity in the country over the years. This festival provides a platform for both established and upcoming artists to showcase their talent and connect with a wider audience.

Date, Time, and Venue

Mark your calendars for August 12, when the gates of Imperfecto Patio, Gurugram, will open at 5 PM for an evening filled with metal madness. The festival will rage on until the early hours of the next day, providing you with a thrilling experience you won’t forget.

Stellar Lineup of Artists

Prepare to be blown away by the electrifying performances of some of the best metal acts in the country. Outrage Festival 2023 has curated an outstanding lineup that includes:

  • Bhayanak Maut: Known for their aggressive sound and high-octane stage presence, Bhayanak Maut is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian metal scene.
  • Gutslit: With their brutal death metal style, Gutslit delivers a relentless barrage of intense music that will leave you breathless.
  • Midhaven: Bringing a mix of progressive and post-metal, Midhaven’s performance is a journey through atmospheric and emotive compositions.
  • Capital Metal Project: This collaborative initiative showcases the best of metal artists from the capital region, promising a diverse and captivating performance.
  • Colossal Figures: With their groovy and melodic approach, Colossal Figures will make you headbang and sing along to their infectious tunes.
  • Konflicts: Delivering hardcore punk mixed with metal, Konflicts will inject a dose of raw energy into the festival.

Experience the Thrill

Outrage Festival 2023 promises an electrifying and immersive experience for all attendees. As you enter the venue, you’ll be greeted by like-minded metalheads who share your passion for music. The energy in the air is palpable, and you’ll feel an instant connection with the community.

Food and Beverages

A festival is incomplete without delicious food and refreshing beverages to keep you energized throughout the event. Outrage Festival 2023 takes care of this aspect with a range of food stalls and bars offering a variety of delectable treats and drinks. From classic festival snacks to gourmet delights, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Merchandise and Goodies

Want to take home a piece of the Outrage Festival experience? The event will feature merchandise stalls where you can find band t-shirts, posters, CDs, and other memorabilia. This is your chance to support your favorite artists and cherish the memories of the festival for years to come.

Uniting the Metal Community

Outrage Festival not only celebrates the music but also unites the metal community across the country. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow metal enthusiasts, make new friends, and share your love for the genre. The sense of camaraderie at the festival is unmatched, and you’ll feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.


Outrage Festival 2023 is a melting pot of raw energy, passion, and musical talent. It’s a platform that celebrates the power of metal music and provides artists with an opportunity to shine on stage. Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead or someone curious to explore the genre, this festival promises an experience like no other. So, don your black attire, embrace the spirit of metal, and head to Imperfecto Patio, Gurugram, on August 12 for a night of headbanging and unforgettable memories. Get ready to be a part of the sonic mayhem that is Outrage Festival 2023!

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