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Welcome, fellow shopaholics and enthusiasts of all things unique! Today, I’m thrilled to unveil one of Delhi’s best-kept secrets: the vibrant and eclectic Matka Market.

This hidden gem is a paradise for those in search of terra cotta treasures and plastic planters alike.

What to Buy at Matka Market

1. Terra Cotta and Pottery: Prepare to be mesmerized by the array of terra cotta wonders awaiting you at Matka Market. From traditional clay pots to intricately crafted religious statues, there’s something here to adorn every corner of your home.

2. Plastic Planters and Pots: For those who prefer a modern touch, fear not! Matka Market also boasts a delightful selection of plastic planters and pots, perfect for adding a splash of color to any indoor or outdoor space.

Discovering Delhi’s Pottery Haven

While Matka Market is renowned for its pottery prowess, it’s worth noting that much of the exquisite craftsmanship hails from various corners of India. From the vibrant blue pottery of Jaipur to the delicate Kagzi pottery of Rajasthan, each piece tells a story of tradition and artistry.

Tips for Navigating Matka Market

  • Bargain Like a Pro: Don’t be shy about haggling for the best price, especially if you’re a seasoned negotiator or if you happen to resemble a foreign visitor. Remember, bargaining is all part of the experience!
  • Embrace the Multi-Generational Charm: While you peruse the stalls, you’ll likely encounter vendors who are part of long-standing family businesses. Take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and soak in the rich history behind each piece.

Getting There and Nearby Attractions

Nearest Metro Station: Bhikaji Cama Place (Pink line), exit Gate 2

Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, daily (open later leading up to the festival of Diwali)

Where to Eat: Fuel up for your shopping adventure at Mahendra Sweet House & Bakers or Haldiram’s, both conveniently located in Sarojini Nagar Market.


So, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect terracotta pot or simply seeking to immerse yourself in Delhi’s vibrant culture, Matka Market awaits. Happy shopping, and may your finds be as delightful as the journey itself!

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