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Welcome to the ultimate celebration of style, creativity, and urban culture – The Great Indian Sneaker Festival! Set to take place on July 22nd and 23rd at A DOT by GNH in Gurugram, this event promises an unforgettable experience for sneakerheads, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant street culture that has captivated the nation. Get ready for two action-packed days filled with exclusive sneakers, cutting-edge streetwear, mouthwatering food, live music performances, interactive installations, and much more.

Sneakers Galore:

A Sneakerhead’s Paradise Step into a world of sneaker heaven as you witness the largest collection of over 5000 limited and exclusive sneakers. From iconic classics to the latest releases, this festival brings together a treasure trove of footwear that will make any sneaker aficionado’s heart skip a beat. Explore different styles, brands, and collaborations, and indulge in the thrill of finding that perfect pair to add to your collection.

Streetwear Showcase:

Redefining Fashion Norms Immerse yourself in the world of streetwear fashion as the festival presents a meticulously curated selection of the best and emerging streetwear brands. Discover the latest trends, exclusive releases, and limited-edition collections that showcase the cutting-edge style and creativity of the industry. From bold graphic tees to statement accessories, this is your chance to elevate your street style game.


Fuel Your Fashion Adventure As you embark on your fashion-filled journey, take a moment to savor the delicious food curations that bring the best flavors of Delhi right to your plate. From lip-smacking street food to gourmet delights, the culinary offerings at The Great Indian Sneaker Festival will perfectly complement your day of fashion and fun.

Beer Garden:

Cheers to a Unique Experience Unwind and socialize with like-minded individuals at the festival’s one-of-a-kind 10,000 square feet German beer garden. Sip on ice-cold brews, relax in a vibrant atmosphere, and soak in the camaraderie that comes with sharing a passion for fashion and culture. This unique experience will surely add a refreshing twist to your festival adventure.


Groove to the Hottest Beats Prepare to be thrilled by live performances from the most trending music artists across India. Let the music transport you to a world of rhythm and energy as you dance the day away. From hip-hop to electronic, the festival’s music lineup promises to keep you grooving to the beats of the latest hits.

Lifestyle Engagements:

Explore and Engage The Great Indian Sneaker Festival offers much more than just sneakers and streetwear. Immerse yourself in interactive lifestyle installations that showcase the intersection of fashion, art, and self-expression. Discover pop-up shops featuring unique products and engage with the most exciting names in the industry. Whether you’re looking for style inspiration or seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, this festival has it all.

Live Interactions:

Win Prizes and Make Memories Put your skills to the test, participate in exciting contests, and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes. Engage in friendly competitions with friends and fellow sneakerheads, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The Great Indian Sneaker Festival is not just an event; it’s an opportunity to connect with a community that shares your passion.

Instaworthy Moments:

Capture the Magic Every corner of the festival is designed to be visually stunning and Instaworthy. Step into immersive sets and capture unique pictures that will leave your followers in awe. From colorful backdrops to larger-than-life installations, the festival provides the perfect backdrop for your fashion-forward photoshoots.


The Great Indian Sneaker Festival is an unmissable event that brings together fashion, culture, and a vibrant community of sneaker enthusiasts. With its extensive collection of limited-edition sneakers, cutting-edge streetwear, mouthwatering food, live music performances, and interactive installations, this festival offers an experience like no other.

Join us on July 22nd and 23rd at A DOT by GNH in Gurugram, and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of style, creativity, and urban lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate the thriving street culture of India and be a part of a truly unforgettable experience at The Great Indian Sneaker Festival.