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Hey there, vintage car enthusiasts! Do you know that India is all set to host the G20 Summit for the first time? Exciting, isn’t it? But before the big event, G20 Vintage Vehicle Drive is being organized by the Department of Transport, Delhi and the Heritage Motoring Club of India (HMCI) in the state to showcase the nation’s economic growth and cultural heritage. And boy, was it a sight to behold!

The G20 Vintage Vehicle Drive brought together 50 restored and well-maintained vintage cars and 23 vintage motorcycles and scooters from all over the country. And guess what? Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi V.K. Saxena himself flagged off the event. Corporate leaders and vintage car collectors also joined the drive, which started from Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium and ended at Delhi Gymkhana Club.

One of the many interesting stories at the event was shared by Anil Malhotra, a proud owner of a Blue Vintage Buick from 1934. The car was gifted to him 15 years ago by his dear friend, the legendary cricketer Tiger Pataudi. Malhotra, who has spent his entire life in Delhi and joined the Indian Army at a young age before moving on to IT consultancy, shared that he has 10 other vintage and classic cars as part of his private collection.

Another proud owner, Gursahib Singh, displayed his Red Mustang, which he bought for about Rs 1 lakh from a business family 8-10 years ago and restored it. He mentioned that he needed a special permit to drive it and could only take it out for events, rallies, displays, or when he needed to fill fuel or air in the tires.

Ajay Kapoor, the founder member of HMCI and a passionate owner of four Jeeps, displayed one of his originals – a 1958 Willys Jeep that he brought from West Bengal and has owned for about 10 years now. He proudly shared that these Jeeps can be driven on any terrain and are as powerful as modern SUVs.

The G20 Vintage Vehicle drive was a great initiative to promote the message of sustainability and preserve our industrial and automotive heritage. It’s heartening to see so many passionate vintage enthusiasts from corporate India come together for such events.

The vintage cars and bikes included models built from the 1920s to the 1970s, and there were some really popular ones that stole the show. We’re talking about Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Packards, Bugatti, Buicks, Alfa Romeo, Fiats, Triumphs, Singers, Peugeots, Mustangs, and Mercedes, to name a few.

The drive had a catchy slogan – ‘Vintage for Life’, which truly reflected the passion of the participants for these timeless beauties. And it wasn’t just about showcasing these magnificent machines; the event also aimed to celebrate the cultural heritage of India.

The G20 Vintage Vehicle Drive was a cultural prelude to the big event and an opportunity for India to demonstrate its economic growth and potential to the world. It’s going to be an epic summit, and we can’t wait to see what India has in store for the world.

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